About Us

About us

Who We Are: Shilajitglobal.com is part of an international company that offers high-level, high-quality Shilajit products and services. Our operations at Shilajit Global involve extracting the strongest red rock gold Shilajit directly from the K2 Karakoram Himalayan mountains. Our Shilajit resin undergoes a rigorous six-month purification process, primarily using spring water and no heat. This process takes longer than the heating process but it ensures that our Shilajit is of the highest grade, potent, and 100% pure. It's important to note that experts state 99% of the global Shilajit supply is typically mixed with other (potentially dangerous) substances. Our lab tests are conducted in-house under our company's name, unlike many suppliers who provide lab reports from their own suppliers. This makes us a reliable "supplier of suppliers." To ensure our service we To ensure purity, we set up offices/staff in the source country collecting the most potent shilajit (gram for gram) directly from Karakoram Himalayas Pakistan.

We are committed to providing exceptional products and services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you're an individual customer, a business looking for wholesale or white label solutions, or an influencer in your respective field, Shilajitglobal.com is here to serve you and surpass your expectations!

We take pride in our continuously growing base of satisfied customers worldwide, including retail, wholesale, and white-label customers. We are the one-stop-shop for all global Shilajit supply needs. Shilajitglobal.com is dedicated to serving our diverse customer base with specialized services, including:

  • B2C (business-to-customer) services:
    1. Selling our Shilajit brands directly to individual retail customers worldwide through online retail platforms
    2. Collaborating with global influencers in various fields such as nutrition, sports, bodybuilding, mental health, beauty, and anti-aging
  • B2B (business-to-business) services:
    1. Working with businesses that sell their own Shilajit products & brands (White Label Services)
    2. Working with businesses that sell other Shilajit products & brands (Wholesale Services)

For businesses looking to establish their own Shilajit brands, we offer comprehensive ‘white label services’, including assistance with logo design, stickers, packaging, lab tests and global delivery and full website/app development if needed.

A Few Words About Our Team: Our team consists of dynamic and diverse individuals who are passionate about sharing to humanity the benefits that pure Shilajit offers. With a range of essential skill sets and expertise, we strive to achieve outstanding ‘various /flexible) Shilajit products and services. Together, we embrace challenges, foster innovation, and create a positive holistic health impact through our collaborative works. This includes ensuring purity and the development of ongoing innovative products & services!

Why you may not have heard of Shilajit?: Pharmaceuticals know gram for gram pure shilajit is potentially the most potent beneficial herbal supplement for mankind! They are not sharing this knowledge as the Pharmaceuticals cannot trade mark this rarest of products! As Shilajit is a natural organic product that can aid human health to the highest optimum levels and improve all round holistic mind, body & spirit and this would reduce the profits of their chemical (dangerous) medicines they supply the world! On top of this the corruption from global suppliers mixing Shilajit and lack of benefits reduces Shilajit global knowledge as people do not trust the sources, hence why Shilajit Global was established to ensure purity as we a London UK based company collect directly from the mountains and we are setting up own factories in these remote areas in order we can ensure purity ongoing to our global client base!