White Label

Discover Shilajit White Label Services!

Are you looking to add the finest quality Shilajit to your product line, stamped with your own branding and identity? Welcome to Shilajit White Label, where we offer you the opportunity to create a unique and personalized Shilajit product that represents your brand vision!

What's Included in Our White Label Shilajit Production Services:

  1. Standard Containers: Each order comes with branded stickers, ensuring your logo and branding shine on every package.
  2. Minimum Order Requirement: Start your journey with a minimum order of 500 pieces, with 100 pieces per size.
  3. Your Designs, Your Identity: Provide your designs, logos, slogans, and information, and we will integrate them seamlessly into the packaging, giving your customers a memorable experience.
  4. Extra Discount at 1000 Pieces: We value your commitment to quality, and for orders of 1000 pieces or more, we offer an additional discount to reward your investment.

      Customized Services:

      • Design Services: If you need assistance with design, our creative team can collaborate with you to craft a stunning visual representation of your brand.
      • Special Containers and Printed Boxes: Elevate your product presentation with customized containers and boxes tailored to your specifications.

        Let Your Brand Shine with Shilajit White Label!

        Due to past experiences with non-serious inquiries, we've implemented a questionnaire to identify dedicated clients. If interested, review and complete it to demonstrate your understanding of high-quality shilajit. We're known for our potent, high-quality shilajit, supported by our website, lab certifications, and international acclaim. We do not engage with inferior shilajit products.

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