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Unveiling Shilajit Through 4 Testemonials

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Abid Aslam

Shilajit Global Director

Simeon barz

Pro Personal Trainner

Igli Shkurti

Pro Muaythai Fighter


Shilajit Global Customer

Benefits of Shilajit

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Shilajit Global


3rd Party Lab-Tested ◾

6 Month Sun Dried - NO Heat.

90+/- Minerals & 60% Fulvic Acid

K2 Mountain Range Highest Altitude

Highest Potency & Value Per Gram

UK & Source Country Offices/Factory

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Why Choose Shilajit Global?

  • London based trusted UK (international) company with registered company, office, staff, teams and relevant export licenses in the source country

  • Customers are protected under the sales of goods act 1979 (UK)

  • Our supply is the most ‘Pure & Potent’ from Karakoram K2 mountain ranges with expert climbers collecting from highest altitudes

  • 6 month cold spring water purification leaving up to 99% purity, from high altitude resin thus leaving the most potent & pure Shilajit globally

  • Lab tested Authenticated & Certified, ready for world-wide retail & wholesale

  • Tested & agreed by world-wide professionals/ sports people that we supply the most elite pure and potent Shilajit that you can get on the global market

Brand 1:

Salahuddin Shilajit

Salahuddin organic Shilajit resin is produced pure with the least moisture and highest purity, and the resin may be slightly harder to manoeuvre.

Brand 2:

OG-1 Shilajit

OG1 organic Shilajit resin whilst very pure has slight moisture in order the resin is more flexible and easier to handle, perfect for sports and active people on the move.