Affiliate Program: Make Risk-Free Revenue!

Earn money without stocking any products! Promote your affiliate link, and when customers make a purchase through your link, you earn a percentage of the sale. Please note that we have a sliding scale commission system. If you increase your sales volume each month, we can increase your commission percentage for the following month! Here's a breakdown of the commission rates based on the number of sales per month:

  • Starter Affiliate (1-24 sales) = 10% commission
  • Small Affiliate (25-49 sales) = 11% commission
  • Medium Affiliate (50-99 sales) = 12% commission
  • Large Affiliate (100-249 sales) = 14% commission
  • XL Affiliate (250-499 sales) = 16% commission
  • Super Affiliate (500-999 sales) = 18% commission
  • Mega Affiliate (1000+ sales) = 20% commission

Start earning risk-free revenue today with our affiliate program!

Note: The above information is subject to change and will be adjusted accordingly based on your sales performance each month.


Drop Shipping: Make Risk-Free Revenue!

Start earning money without purchasing any stock upfront! With our drop-shipping model, simply promote the ready-made product link from on your website or app. You'll have access to our prices, ensuring approximately 15% profit margins. Your site needs to link to our API frameworks, and once your listing is finalized on your sales page, you're ready to sell! When you receive payment from customers, use your ready-made drop-shipping account with us at to make the purchase. We will then handle the packaging and shipping of the Shilajit product directly to your client.


Network Marketing

Models that are subscription & or attract monthly re purchases, create strong passive incomes. If you want to sell with or without investing into stocks then we advise 'Networking Marketing' may be best model for you to start with! Especially if you are a 'peoples person' and like face to face interaction! Where you can do the 'Avon style house parties' where your friends/clients can try Shilajit Global products including of course pure resin, to Shilajit creams and other innovative products!

Contact us for more information or simply buy wholesale and start your Network Marketing Business!