Premier Wholesale

Are you a retailer with an online or physical presence on platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy? Boost your product range with our wholesale Shilajit offerings. With Shilajit Global, you'll enjoy the convenience of bulk purchases and delight in seeing a consistent flow of repeat orders each month!

Discover the Shilajit Global Wholesale Advantage:

  • Branded Packaging: Our wholesale orders are meticulously packed in standard containers adorned with branded stickers, all enclosed in an attractive box to enhance your store's appeal.
  • Premium Utensils: We equip you with special, non-magnetic, surgical-grade stainless steel spoons, perfect for the precise serving of Shilajit.
  • Informative Materials: Choose between physical or digital info sheets to educate your customers about the benefits of Shilajit, included with every order.

    Volume Discounts for Bulk Orders:

    • 12 minimum pieces per size 30% off
    • 24 minimum pieces per size 40% off
    • 36 minimum pieces per size 50% off
    For substantial orders please reach out to us for a personalized discussion to meet and exceed your business needs.

    Exclusive Benefits for Our Trade Clients:

    1. Trust a reputable UK-based company with comprehensive registration and a dedicated team, office, and production facilities.
    2. Your purchases are safeguarded by the Sales of Goods Act 1979.
    3. Explore a diverse range of brands and products available for wholesale.
    4. Avail of our 'Private or White Label' services, encompassing everything from design to global delivery.
    5. Bulk purchases in kilograms are available, with single units offered as samples.
    6. Rely on products that are lab-tested and certified under ISO 9001 and Halal standards.
    7. Benefit from our continuous innovation in new brands, products, and services.
    8. Receive marketing materials like videos and images to share with your customers.
    9. Provide your customers with educational resources on health, product purity, and potency.
    10. Experience exceptional customer service with the option to speak directly to our team.

      Due to past experiences with non-serious inquiries, we've implemented a questionnaire to identify dedicated clients. If interested, review and complete it to demonstrate your understanding of high-quality shilajit. We're known for our potent, high-quality shilajit, supported by our website, lab certifications, and international acclaim. We do not engage with inferior shilajit products.

      Please -Fill Out The Form- to learn more about our awesome service or any other Inquiry